Set a Date!...Even If You Change It Later


What’s your go-to mental escape? What do you do on a Sunday night, just to have a mental escape for a couple hours before the week starts?

 Do you…

...Google “best beaches in Costa Rica”?

...binge watch Searching for Italy, or Seven Years in Tibet...or Anthony Bourdain? expensive travel magazines looking for “Undiscovered Japan”? your partner links to “1 Euro Homes”

...follow digital nomads living it up in Bali? 

...research impossible dream vacations? 

 We hear you, we’ve been there!

And now….What you already know: 

None of these things that you’re spending hours on gets you any closer to achieving that life or lifestyle. 

But here’s something that will:  Set a date. 

Set a date for your move abroad.  Set a date for when you will be { * INSERT DREAM LIFE HERE * }.

Why? Because you’ve seen the research: Setting goals helps us achieve those goals. 

But setting a specific goal, drawing a line in sand, it just feels limiting. What if xyz happens or how can I know if xyz will work? I want to keep all my options open! 

The short story is that goals can and should EVOLVE. Your plans to move and live abroad will evolve. How, where, when will all evolve. Have a goal, but give it the room to breathe, let it evolve as necessary. 

So, set a date...even if you change it later!

...AND THEN, write it down!

 Why? Because people who write down their goals are 33% more successful in achieving them than those who don’t. Put that date on your calendar. 

The date? Is it a month from today? 6 months? A year? Several years? No matter. Get it on the calendar. 

 ...AND THEN, imagine yourself there!


Because visualization of future events and imagining our future selves increases the likelihood that those futures will occur. 

So just take a moment and imagine yourself in that new life, doing the things you love in a place you love. 

 And, just like that, you have a date to move abroad - and you have put yourself in a strong position to achieve it.


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